CAD/CAM Solutions


Algomate's products are Sheet Edition and Roll Edition of Nesting Factory. These are the automatic modules of sheet and roll materials nesting with a wide range of industrial applications: sheet and roll metal, textile, leather, furniture veneer, granite plates, etc.

Nesting Factory is a flexible multi functional tool for automatic and mixed systems of planning and nesting for 2-axis cutting technologies, including oxygen, plasma, laser, water jet, frame-saw and knives cutting, etc.

Nesting Factory provides the following functionality:

  • simultaneous nesting of several thousand of items in one task, with no limitation on the sheets/rolls quantity;
  • supporting prioritized groups and groups nested in one sheet/roll, maximal patterning of the result
  • processing items of an arbitrary form (also with holes), filling holes in arbitrary depth of enclosure;
  • nesting in the sheets of complex form or partially filled;
  • ability of multiple switching between automatic and manual modes;
  • managing task execution time constraint.

Nesting Factory integrates into reseller's CAM system transparently to an end user. The easy intergration is based on:

  • advanced API which includes functions customizable by CAM system demands;
  • alternative interface which supports items and sheets geometry I/O in DXF format;

We present projects gallery and online evaluation kit to get deeper understanding and impression on Nesting Factory.