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Our company is specialized in the field of automatic nesting for many years. Our software module/plugin Nesting Factory establishes the new standard for nesting tools:
  • the new level of efficiency; (Gallery)
  • unique full interaction between manual and automatic operating modes, performing nesting on partially used sheet or scraps as well; (Products)
  • transparent integration is performed quickly and easy along with our specialists dedicated support;
  • the new low standard of price which end user pays off in less that a month.
With our Nesting Factory, your clients
  • will raise utilization ratio in 10%;
  • will reduce 10-20 times the cutting design preparation time;
  • dramatically reduce requirements for staff.
You can check all of the above with our Trial/Demo version, that is freely available on our website (Here)

The advantage of Nesting Factory is +12% of material economy in average comparing to NCL module of "Urltechnoproekt" for about 2000 of nested sheets.

"It is a shocking impression. I want this to be deployed in my plant."
Krotov V.I. CEO, Uralintech, Russia.

Nesting Factory shows the advantage of +3..8% economy of materials in manual tests of C-CUT company.

Alexander, your automatic nesting looks pretty good. Let's integrate."
R. Razi, C-CUT owner and CEO, Israel

Nesting Factory was the only system among the 6 that positioned all the items of NIAT (Moscow) tests into one sheet.

"Nesting Factory is genious. Let's get to the deal'.'"

Dr. S. Alimhanov, Project Manager, NIAT, Moscow, Russia

Nesting Factory has the average advantage of 4% economy of metal in the series of multi-sheet tests (7 to 20 sheets) for ship building. UPNEST, ESG bureau, St.Peterburg, Russia

"I recommend Nesting Factory. I'm testing it online. It's amazing. Never seen anything like this before."
(CAD forum discussion), Russia

I tested some cases today, and I'm very satisfied with the nesting results.
Adam Cirkic, Founder, Tangenta, Croatia

Tangenta joined a reseller partership program.